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Glyn Williams

I was born in Newport in South Wales on 23rd July 1947 at 06:45 BDST (British Double Summer Time), which makes me a Cancer (just) with my Ascendant in Leo.

I was educated at Newport High School. Considering that computers were a rarity in those days, I was lucky to encounter them at an early age and this stood me in good stead in later life. I went to University at Leeds, where I graduated with a BSc in Mathematics.

My working career covered industries as diverse as aero engine design, railway signalling, telecommunications, publishing and warehousing, but always with a strong computer element. Now retired, I use my computer skills to maintain these websites.

I have lived in Sinfin for over 40 years, 25 of which were spent very happily married to my dear late wife, Jennifer. I share the house with a large family of teddy bears.

I have long been interested in matters mystical and metaphysical, and am a Rosicrucian and a Freemason. During the summer I like to get out and about, in particular spending most weekends chasing down the various well dressings in Derbyshire and neighbouring counties. I also enjoy trains and train travel.

Oh, and when I have any free time left from all these activities, I like theatre, reading, music, or just simply putting my feet up and watching television.

I hope you enjoy these webpages. If you have any feedback, please feel free to Contact me

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