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Tiraspol Railway Station
Tiraspol Railway Station.

The first railway in Pridnestrovie opened in 1867 between Tiraspol and the border with Ukraine. It was built to Russian standard gauge (then 1524mm). Further development took place at the same gauge.

Following the First World War, Moldova, including Pridnestrovie, became part of Romania. The railways were converted to standard gauge and several new lines constructed. Then, following the Second World War, Moldova was taken into the Soviet Union and the lines were regauged to 1520mm.

On the dissolution of the Soviet Union the rail network passed to Moldovan Railways. Following the secession of Pridnestrovie, a new railway administration was formed in 2004. The sole operating route was that between the Ukrainian border, via Tiraspol, and Moldova proper. This carried international services such as the through Moscow to București services, which underwent gauge changing at Iași. International services from Ukraine and beyond were suspended in 2020 as a result of covid precautions. It is believed that PZD operated a shuttle service between Tiraspol and Chișinău for a time. An international service was reinstated between Odesa and Chișinău in 2021, but ceased with the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. It is believed that no railways currently operate in Pridnestrovie.

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