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Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge
Passenger railcar on the railway serving Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge.

In the 1880s, a railway was planned in Honduras to link the capital, Tegucigalpa, with the Caribbean coast. The line had been completed from the coast as far as San Pedro Sula in 1888, when money ran out. The continuation of the line from there to Tegucigalpa was never achieved.

Most of the subsequent expansion of the railway network was implemented by banana production companies. Both 3ft (914mm) and 3ft 6in (1067mm) gauges were used.

Information on the present day state of the network is sparse. The only surviving freight service appears to be between San Pedro Sula and Puerto Cortes, a distance of about 50km. Passenger services ceased in 2006 with the withdrawal of a 3km suburban operation in La Ceiba; however, a local passenger service in San Pedro Sula commenced in 2010, and is reported to operate between the central station and the industrial park at Bufalo, a distance of about 12km.

A 9km stretch of railway has been reopened to allow tourists to enter the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge from the village of La Union, reachable by car or bus from nearby La Ceiba. When first opened, passsengers were carried the entire distance in hand propelled wagons. These have since been replaced by motor powered carriages. The line is reported also to carry outgoing cargoes of coconuts.

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