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Czechia is the recognized short form name in English of the Czech Republic. However, its use is uncommon in English speaking countries, and in the country itself, the longer formal name being more usual. In particular, the short form name is rarely used in publications of the Czech government.

Train of AŽD Praha
AŽD Praha RegioSprinter railcar 654 005-7 on the line between Most and Litoměřice horní nádraží.

The first public railway in continental Europe was built in the Austrian Empire. This was a horse drawn line from Budweis (České Budějovice) to Linz, opened in 1832. Roughly two thirds of the route lay in Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic. The first steam hauled railway in the country reached Lundenburg (Břeclav) in Moravia from Vienna in 1839, extended to Brünn (Brno) later the same year.

The railways continued to develop under the Empire, constructed mainly to standard (1435 mm) gauge but with a number of narrow gauge lines in remote areas. Czechoslovakian Railways came into being on the creation of Czechoslovakia following the First World War, becoming Czech Railways on the partition of the country in 1993.

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Photo image from the website of AŽD Praha