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January, 2022

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31st January, 2022
Railways, World, Russia: added entries for further narrow gauge railways.
30th January, 2022
Railways, World, India: various updates to entries for urban metros.
Railways, World; Malawi and Moçambique: Nacal Corridor sold to Vulcan.
Railways, World, New Zealand: added entry for Auckland Light Rail.
27th January, 2022
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines; Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia: added entries for Knoxville & Cumberland Gap.
26th January, 2022
Railways, World, Russia: added entry for Kukushka.
25th January, 2022
Railways, World, Russia: added entries for various narrow gauge and tourist railways.
Railways, World, UAE: updated link for Dubai Metro and trams.
24th January, 2022
Railways, World, Ukraine: added entries for Children’s Railways; cosmetic changes.
Railways, World, Uzbekistan: corrected gauge of Toshkent Museum railway.
22nd January, 2022
Railways, Great Britain, Tourist, South West: deleted entry for Paignton Zoo, no longer operating.
Railways, World, China: added entry for Wuyi tram; deleted entry for Zhuhai tram, expected to close.
Railways, World, India: Kanpur Metro now operational.
Railways, World, Senegal: added link for SETER.
21st January, 2022
Railways, World, Lithuania: added entry for Ignalina.
Railways, World, Poland: added entry for Maltanka.
20th January, 2022
Railways, World, Australia, Tourist: added entry for Copper Coast.
Railways, World, Kazakhstan: added entry for Central Park.
Railways, World, Spain: added entry for Avlo.
19th January, 2022
Railways, World; Burundi, DRC and Tanzania: updated status of proposed Burundi - Tanzania link.
Well Dressings, Calendar: confirmed date for Marsden.
18th January, 2022
Railways, Great Britain, Walking Old Railways: updated details of Bennerley Viaduct.
Railways, World, Brazil: added link for Santa Teresa trams; updated link for SuperVia.
Railways, World, Turkey: updated entry for İzmit.
Railways, World, USA, Commuter: updated entry for SMART.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, California: added entry for SMART; updated entry for California Northern.
Well Dressings, Calendar: updated entry for Marsden.
17th January, 2022
Railways, World; Armenia, Bulgaria and Georgia: added entries for various Children’s Railways.
Railways, World, Georgia: added entry for Ukrferry.
Railways, World, Hungary: Floyd becomes Eurogate Rail Hungary.
16th January, 2022
Railways, World, Latvia: added entry for Ventspils Narrow Gauge Railway.
Railways, World, Romania: added entry for Baia Mare Park.
Railways, World, USA; Long Haul, also Short Lines, various pages: amended to reflect proposed merger of CP and KCS.
15th January, 2022
Railways, World, Colombia: updated link for Medellin Metro.
Railways, World, USA, Tourist, Washington: updated entry for Chelatchie Prairie.
14th January, 2022
Railways, World, Austria: extensive updates and amendments.
13th January, 2022
Railways, World, India: added details of Jiribam - Moreh railway.
Railways, World, South Korea: added details of Jeojin - Gangneung railway.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Utah: added entry for Savage Tooele; deleted entry for Tooele Army Base.
12th January, 2022
Railways, World, Mexico: deleted entry for Puebla tram-train, no longer operating.
11th January, 2022
Railways, World, Qatar: Lusail Tran now open.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines; Idaho, Montana and Washington: deleted entries for Montana Rail Link, lease to revert to BNSF.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Montana: new picture.
9th January, 2022
Railways, World, Switzerland: added entry for Rheinbähnle.
8th January, 2022
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Oklahoma: added entry for Verdigris Southern.
7th January, 2022
Railways, World, Germany, Industrial: deleted entry for Kiefersfelden Grenzbahn.
Railways, World, Germany, Tourist, Bayern: reinstated and updated entry for Wachtl-Bahn.
6th January, 2022
Railways, World, Czech Republic: added entry for Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou-Šanov – Hevlín.
5th January, 2022
Railways, World, Canada, Alberta: added entry for Alberta Central Railway Museum.
Railways, World, Germany, Regional: updated link for BLB.
Railways, World, USA, Tourist, California: added entry for Strand Beach Elevator.
Railways, World, USA, Tourist, Pennsylvania: updated entry for Lehigh Gorge.
3rd January, 2022
Railways, Stations, Brittany: various amendments and corrections.
Railways, World, France: added entry for Transdev.
Railways, World, France, Tourist, Brittany: minor correction.
1st January, 2022
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