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March, 2017

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31st March, 2017
Glyn Williams personal: minor correction.
Sinfin: County pub now closed; updated various links.
28th March, 2017
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Tennessee: added entry for Union City Terminal.
Well Dressings, Calendar: updated details for event at Chatsworth.
27th March, 2017
Well Dressings, Calendar: confirmed details for event at Barlow.
25th March, 2017
Well Dressings, Calendar: confirmed details for event at Swanwick.
24th March, 2017
Railways, World, Chile: added entry for La Serena - Coquimbo trams.
Railways, World, Switzerland: Ferrovie Luganesi known as FLP.
Railways, World, USA, Metros: added entry for OKC Streetcar.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Michigan: minor correction.
Well Dressings: posted calendar for 2017.
21st March, 2017
Railways, World, Chile: minor correction.
Railways, World, Taiwan: minor update.
20th March, 2017
Railways, World; Germany - National Network and Italy: added entries for RAlpin.
Railways, World, Switzerland: deleted entry for AlpTransit, no longer in regular use; added link for UBS Polybahn; updated links for Gurtenbahn, Parsennbahn, Puschlaver Geisterbahn, Riffelalp Tram and funiculars in Locarno, Lugano and Montreux.
19th March, 2017
Railways, World, Canada, Saskatchewan: added entry for K+S Potash Canada; deleted entry for Gravelbourg Subdivision, now abandoned; updated entries for Shortline 101 and Southern Prairie; added links for Long Creek and Stewart Southern; updated link for Last Mountain.
Railways, World, Switzerland: added entry for RAlpin; Parc d’Attractions du Châtelard is now VerticAlp Emosson; updated links for DB Cargo, Grimselwelt, NStCM and Cossonay Funicular.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, New Hampshire: deleted entry for Milford Bennington, now mainly operated by, and in future wholly operated by, Pan Am.
16th March, 2017
Railways, World; Cabo Verde, Central African Republic, Cuba and Cyprus: minor technical updates.
Railways, World; Cambodia, Chad, Costa Rica and Côte d’Ivoire: updates and amendments.
Railways, World, Cameroon: deleted entries for proposed tram systems, to be replaced by Bus Rapid Transit; other updates and amendments.
Railways, World, China: corrected link for China Shenhua.
Railways, World, Comoros: improved flag image.
Railways, World, Congo: CFCO link flagged as compromised.
Railways, World, Crimea: all train services now operated by Crimea Railway.
15th March, 2017
Railways, World, Germany; Network and Industrial: added entries for HVLE.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Indiana: deleted entry for HC Railroad, now operated by CSX as a private siding.
14th March, 2017
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Florida: added link for Jacksonville Port Terminal; deleted entry for Talleyrand Terminal, now part of Jacksonville Port Terminal.
13th March, 2017
Railways, World; Belize, Bhutan and Burundi: minor technical updates.
Railways, World, Brunei: improved flag image.
Railways, World, Bulgaria: updated link for DB Cargo.
12th March, 2017
Railways, Stations, Churches: added entry for St John’s Enniscorthy.
11th March, 2017
Railways, Stations: added page for Kashubia.
Railway, World, Canada, Vancouver Island: added entry for Island Corridor Foundation; other updates and amendments.
10th March, 2017
Railway, World, Peru: El Tren Macho now part of FCA; added entry for Belmond Andean Express; added link for Lima historic trams.
Railway, World, Spain: added entry for Transfesa; deleted links for Grenada and Jaen trams, no longer functional; deleted entry for Tenerife trains, project not progressed.
Railways, World, USA, Tourist, Maryland: Western Maryland Scenic to reopen to Frostburg.
9th March, 2017
Railways, World, Bahrain: updates and amendments.
Railways, World, Barbados: minor technical updates.
Railways, World, Belarus: added link for Navapolatsk trams.
Railways, World, Belgium: added entries for international services; updated entris for CF du Bocq and Han-Sur-Lesse; updated links for Captrain, CFV3V, Hasselt trams, Rail Feeding, SNCB/NMBS and TEC.
8th March, 2017
Railways, World: Azerbaijan and Ethiopia: Astara cross border link now completed.
Railways, World, Ethiopia: added picture.
Railways, World, Turkey: added entry for Erdemir.
5th March, 2017
Railways, World, Poland: deleted entries for Kolej Nadzalewowa and Warsaw Historic Trams, no current information or no longer operating; updated entry for TWKP; Przewozy Regionalne is now Polregio; PKL and WKD are now privatised; Southern Coal Group is now Tauron Wydobycie; KW Gminy Rewal is now Nadmorska KW; TMKW is now Koszalińska KW; added link for SKPL; updated links for DB Cargo, Ełcka KW and PMT Linie Kolejowe; deleted link for Gnieźnieńską KW, website not functional.
Railways, World, Slovakia: added entry for Polregio.
4th March, 2017
Railways, World; Bahamas, St Vincent & the Grenadines and index page: minor technical updates.
Railways, World, St Lucia: added details of historic railways.
3rd March, 2017
Railways, World, Australia, Tourist: deleted entry for South Gippsland, no lnger operating; updated links for Bellarine Railway, Perisher Skitube and Red Cliffs.
Railways, World, Taiwan: added entry for Metro Taoyuan; updated link for Alishan Forest Railway.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Idaho: clarified entries for Bountiful Grain & Craig Mountain and Great Northwest.
2nd March, 2017
Railways, World, Tunisia: added entry for RFR.
1st March, 2017
Railways, World: Algeria, Andorra, Antarctica, Antigua & Barbuda and Armenia: minor technical updates.
Railways, World, Australia, Tourist: added entry for Byron Bay; amended entry for Cockatoo Run to 3801 Limited, as other trains are also operated; updated entries for Lithgow State Mine Railway, Mary Valley Rattler and Zig Zag Railway, all not currently operating; deleted entries for ARHS ACT, Dorrigo Steam and Glenreagh Mountain, all not now operating; updated links for Archer Park Steam Tram, Bally Hooley, Katoomba funicular, Launceston Tramway Museum and Wee Georgie Wood.
Railways, World, USA, Tourist, Indiana: deleted entry for Indiana Transportation Museum, no longer operating tourist trains.
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