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Last modified: 19th October, 2018

19th October, 2018
Railways, World, Russia: Komsomolsk-na-Amure trams reported out of service.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Arizona: added link for San Pedro Valley.
18th October, 2018
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, New York: reinstated entry for Saratoga & North Creek.
16th October, 2018
Railways, World; North Korea and South Korea: added reference to proposed reopening of international link.
14th October, 2018
Railways, Great Britain, Passenger TOCs: Arriva Trains Wales replaced by Transport for Wales.
13th October, 2018
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Iowa: updated entry for Middletown & Iowa.
12th October, 2018
Railways, Great Britain, Tourist, Eastern: updated entry for Mid Norfolk.
Railways, World, Serbia: updates and amendments.
Railways, World, Switzerland: Appenzeller Bahnen rack section now closed.
11th October, 2018
Railways, Stations, Pubs: added entry for Navigation House.
10th October, 2018
Railways, Stations, Ireland, Gaelic: added entry for Pelletstown.
4th October, 2018
Railways, World, Uruguay: added link for CFU; added details of passenger service to Sudriers.

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