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Last modified: 16th February, 2018

16th February, 2018
Railways, Special Articles, Anhalter Bahnhof: minor corrections.
Railways, Special Articles, Hope: Hope Cement Works is now part of Breedon group.
Railways, World, Germany, National Network: added entry for EP Cargo.
Railways, World, South Africa: added entry for Eskom.
Railways, World; Tanzania and Zambia: added entries for Calabash Freight.
15th February, 2018
Railways, Station Names, Ireland, Gaelic: Belfast Central to be renamed Lanyon Place.
14th February, 2018
Railways, Station Names, Britannia: added Latin translation.
Railways, Station Names, Slovenia: minor correction.
Railways, World, Thailand: added link for proposed Bangkok Metro extensions.
13th February, 2018
Railways, Station Names: added pages for Britannia and Slovenia.
Railways, Station Names, Alto Adige: improved flag image.
12th February, 2018
Railways, Station Names: added page for Alto Adige / Südtirol.
Railways, Station Names, Belgium: reinstated entry for Brussel Noord, omitted in error.
Railways, Station Names, Pubs: corrected closing date for Cross Hands (Newport); Jnoon Restaurant (former Cross Hands, Pilning) is now The Lantern.
11th February, 2018
Railways, Station Names; various multi-language pages: converted client side table sort to server side.
Railways, Station Names, Ireland; single language pages: cosmetic changes.
9th February, 2018
Railways, Station Names, Corsica: minor correction.
Railways, World; Estonia and Finland: added entries for FinEst Link.
8th February, 2018
Railways, Station Names: added page for Corsica.
Railways, World, Ghana: feasibility study commenced for Burkina Faso link.
4th February, 2018
Railways, World, Slovakia: added details of Palárikovo bypass.
2nd February, 2018
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Nebraska: added link for Manning Rail; updated entry for Flint Hills Resources.
1st February, 2018
Railways, World; Chad and Sudan: updated details of proposed international railway.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines; Illinois and Indiana: updated entry for Chicago, South Shore & South Bend.
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