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Last modified: 18th February, 2020

18th February, 2020
Railways, World; Burundi, DRC, and Tanzania: added details of proposed Uvinza - Bujumbura - Kindu railway.
17th February, 2020
Railways, World, Poland: Rail Polska becomes Rail Cargo Carrier - Poland.
15th February, 2020
Railways, World, Angola: added entry for Luanda trams.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines; Nevada and Texas: added entries for Black Gold Terminals.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Ohio: Mahoning Valley to take over Ohi-Rail lines.
13th February, 2020
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Tennessee: deleted entry for R J Corman Bardstown Line, Oneida to Devonia to be abandoned.
Railways, World, USA, Tourist, Pennsylvania: reinstated entry for Lehigh Gorge Scenic.
12th February, 2020
Railways, World, Sweden: added entry for Värmlandstrafik.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Ohio: Indiana & Ohio to discontinue service to Lebanon.
Railways, World, USA, Tourist, Ohio: updated entry for Lebanon Mason Monroe.
9th February, 2020
Well Dressings: added picture for event at Marsden.
8th February, 2020
Railways, Great Britain, Tourist, North East: deleted entry for Weardale Railway, not currently operating, ownership in question.
Railways, Great Britain, Tourist, South West: deleted entry for Dartmoor Railway, not currently operating, in administration.
6th February, 2020
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Louisiana: updated entry for Louisiana & Delta.
4th February, 2020
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Florida: updated links for Florida Central, Florida Midland and Florida Northern.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Maryland: updated entry for Georges Creek.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, New York: updated link for Middletown & New Jersey.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Ohio: updated entry for Bucyrus Industrial.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Pennsylvania: updated links for East Penn and Tyburn.
1st February, 2020
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