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Last modified: 19th November, 2019

19th November, 2019
Railways, Station Names, Pubs: added entries for Black Horse, Bob’s Smithy and Doffcocker.
Railways, World, Germany, Metros: added entry for Bremerhaven trams.
Railways, World, Indonesia: added entry for Jakarta LRT.
Railways, World, USA, Tourist, New York: updated entry for Adirondack Scenic.
16th November, 2019
Railways, World, Australia: added entry for CBH Group.
Railways, World, Turkey: added entry for Konya metro.
15th November, 2019
Railways, World, Canada, Maritime Provinces: Sydney Coal Railway now operated by CANAC.
Railways, World, Canada, Quebec, French language version: minor correction.
Railways, World, Canada, Ontario and Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Minnesota: Minnesota Dakota & Western does not interchange with CN in Canada.
14th November, 2019
Railways, World, Canada, Maritime Provinces: deleted entry for Halifax trams, project not being progressed; updated link for Elmira Railway Museum.
Railways, World, Canada, Ontario: added entry for Nipissing Central; deleted entry for Credit Valley Explorer, no longer operating; updated link for Waterloo Central; clarified status of Gio group railways.
Railways, World, Canada, Quebec, both language versions: Ontario Northland replaced by Nipissing Central; Réseau Charlevoix becomes Train de Charlevoix; RTM becomes exo.
Railways, World, Canada, Labrador & Quebec North Shore, both language versions: updated link for ArceolorMittal Infrastructure.
13th November, 2019
Railways, World, Canada, Alberta: minor correction.
Railways, World, Canada, British Columbia: corrections to previous updates.
Railways, World, Canada, Saskatchewan: added entries for CMI Terminal, Hudson Bay, Northern Lights and Wheatland (freight and tourist operations); updated entries for Big Sky, Carlton Trail and Poplar River; added link for Northgate Terminal; updated links for Great Sandhills and Southern Prairie.
Railways, World, Netherlands: added entries for Alpen Express and Railexperts.
12th November, 2019
Railways, World, Canada, Alberta: added entries for Alberta Prairie freight operation and for Forty Mile; updated entry for Calgary Heritage Park; updated link for Great Sandhills.
Railways, World, Canada, British Columbia: deleted entry for Surrey trams, project indefinitely suspended; updated links for Fort George Railway and Nelson Electric Tramway.
Railways, World, Canada, Vancouver Island: updates and amendments.
Railways, World, Mauritius: extensive updates and amendments; new picture.
8th November, 2019
Well Dressings, Calendar: added entries for Clowne (Children in Need) and Bakewell (Christmas Tree Festival).
7th November, 2019
Railways, World, Bulgaria: BDZ passenger and freight divisions to demerge.
6th November, 2019
Railways, World, India: added details of NHSRCL.
5th November, 2019
Railways, World, Albania: added details of proposed airport link.
4th November, 2019
Railways, World, Colombia: added details of Ferrocarril de Antioquia.
Railways, World, USA, Short Lines, Washington: Western Washington merged into Rainier Rail; Rainier Rail extended to McKenna.
Railways, World, Cuba: added link for Ferrocariles de Cuba.
Railways, World, Nigeria: added details of proposed Abuja - Itakpe railway.
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